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Welcome toharvest master

  • Growing plants and getting great crops seems to many, a mixture of science and craft.
  • ‘Craft’ is science that people learned from experience; when, how and what to do for a better crop..
  • Harvest Master will add science to fill those knowledge gaps; deliver you professional yields..
  • Harvest Master controllers are suited for pro growers and novices alike..
  • Flowering plants or vegetable crops, hydroponic or soil, grow-room or greenhouse, Harvest Master gets you a GREAT result..

CO2 EASi Controller

CO2 EASi is intelligent control of CO2. At the same time, an Intelligent temperature controller when the optional COOL KIT (or Dual CoolKit) is attached. US/Canada, Europe, UK and Oceania kits are available, all ready to run straight out of the box.

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Climate Pro PLUS Controller

The Pro PLUS is your ultimate grow room controller. Temperature, Humidity, CO2 sensing, with timers for most everything you can imagine, with the ability for you to remotely monitor and control your grow room using the 'Text Me' modem option.

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how easy is harvest master to set up?

Harvest-Master is an automated grow room climate controller, that comes as a Plug n Go kit.

  • 1.
    Open the box
  • 2.
    Plug the sensors
  • 3.
    Plug the power in
  • 4.
    Your job is mostly done
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why work with us?

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  • Mike D, Michigan

    Great product. Works so easy and reliably for me, I got another one.

  • Sarah, Mendocino

    Its just a great product Tony. Support and advice are great. Thanks a million.

  • Sunset Hydro NY

    Made my customer very happy. Thanks for the quick turnaround and support

  • Ryan. OR.

    Pro Controller is great. A million questions about my room and all the answers make sense, even when not about the controller. Great help. First class.

  • Thierry S. France

    Bonjour Tony, I've a good new for you: all work correctly! Simply had a bad electrical contact on the RJ45. So quick that you help me.

  • Sebastien

    You deliver so fast. I need an option but you already ship. LOL. encore merci

  • Shannon, NZ

    You guys are da bomb. This product is it. Too good. (Climate Pro)

  • Trev (QLD)

    Every question, you give me an answer, and fast too. Its GREAT service.

  • Sophie (NZ)

    I was expecting hard. But I just plugged it in and left it. LOL.

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