Great story from a guy thinking outside the square.

“I’m getting crop rotations in 7.5 weeks (down from 16 weeks)”

His thinking: “While they can use 12hrs of light in flowering, if my plants can be fast fed in 6hrs, maybe they’d just rest for the other 6 hrs waiting for the 12hr NIGHT”.

Do plants react to a seasonal aberrations, like early onset of winter weather, triggering a genetic ‘drive to survive’? The argument is that a short day cycle can trigger a plant’s genetic response into a “survive or die” accelerated mode to flowering and fruiting.

  • He set his vegetative cycle at 22hrs day and 2hrs night for an 24hr day, for 7 days at 2000ppm CO2. That period gave him sufficient leaf development to proceed with the flowering phase.
  • Used the “Fast Flower” 18hr day (6hr light and 12hr night) regime lasted 45 days.7.5 weeks, using 2000 ppm CO2, 28’C/84’F and 65-70% daytime humidity.
  • His crop. “It is better than I EVER had in 16 weeks.” Yields?, “I’d say 135-140% of my previous best crops.
  • “It is so reliable I set the crop harvest date into my wall planner on the day I plant out my seedlings”. 7weeks and 3 days.
  • “6 great crops a year now, instead of 3, every one a winner!”
  • This had 2 huge side effects;
  • power use is down 33% from $500 a month to $335
  • reduced residual heat in the room, nutrient and water tanks, with effect of reducing mold and fungus problems.
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